Toddlers have entered such and amazing time in their little lives, beginning new experiences, discovering self, and connecting with the world around them. It is our goal to nurture and guide your child through each opportunity for learning. The fundamentals of learning will be built upon as your child grows with us in our center. We encourage parent participation and will share information with you by communicating your child's needs to you daily. Using parents as partners is one of the most important elements of our successful program.


Choosing the right curriculum is so important to us. Research has shown that the most crucial time in brain development occurs in the first 3 years of a child's life. We take this window of opportunity seriously and partner with you as parents in order to help your child succeed in all areas of their life. 

Infants and Toddlers

For this group of little ones we have chosen the Funshine Express Curriculum. This engaging, faith based curriculum assists young children in learning the fundamentals of language, gross and fine motor skills and includes learning opportunities for music, art, and sensory time.

In addition to this curriculum, we also focus on teaching our older infants and toddlers sign language. Sign language has been shown to help babies develop language and reasoning skills. It's also an effective way to help parents and caregivers communicate with young ones before they have an extensive vocabulary. 



12 - 17 Months:  5 Days/Week $200/Week   3 Days/Week $145/Week   2 Days/Week $125/Week

18 - 23 Months:  5 Days/Week $195/Week   3 Days/Week $140/Week   2 Days/Week $120/Week


*Sibling -- 10% off oldest child (FT/PT)
*Military -- 5% off tuition with an active Military ID
*First Responder -- 5% off total tuition
Discounts cannot be combined and apply to full-time students only (5 days a week)

*Pricing may vary at different Kid City locations.

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